Airplane Ride 8 Feb 2013

Today I had the opportunity to sit in the worst seat on the plane to Texas, thy name is 18A. Not the exit seat, no even better…the lavatory seat! That’s right friends, you won’t find a more crappy seat, lol.

Thanks United for trying to milk every penny you can get by putting a seat next to the only lavatory on the plane.

The bathroom traffic at the beginning of the flight was light until the morning drinks were served, then they started lining up one-by-one. It’s always funny to watch the whole thought process as an individual decides they need to get up and use the lavatory on a plane. You can almost see the wheels turning in their head; can I hold it, should I get up now, is the lavatory occupied then slowly they begin the walk from the front of the plane to the back. If you look at their faces it’s like they’re walking the Green Mile. Honestly, I don’t blame them have you ever seen the lavatory on the plane?

One-by-one they came and went, literally and with every door swish I had the opportunity to really experience the slamming of the door and of course, the aroma. Then there was the gentleman who decided to use the facilities as the plane was landing. The steward didn’t appreciate this and decided to continually knock on the door. Then something magical happened, the steward lifted the little vacant sign and underneath it was a secret lock that could open the lavatory! Whoa! Never knew this existed! So the steward opened the door on the unsuspecting gentleman and asked him to return to his seat.

Classic – happy Friday!

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