I’ve been thinking about courage a lot these last few weeks, due to the end of a treasured friendship.  Courage by definition:

mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

To me, courage comes in the form of, mental, physical, and moral judgment just to name a few.  The way we react and handle situations in our daily life requires courage.  How we treat those that are close to us and the random stranger on the street requires courage.

Courage and friendship go hand in hand.  When you are truly friends and care about someone you don’t think twice about being there for that person even if the situation is difficult.  When the going gets tough or there is conflict and confusion within a friendship we use courage to talk it out, to try to find that common ground.  We don’t hide, we face our issues head on.  We look that person in the eye because they are our friend, we value that relationship and we have courage to give them that dignity and respect.  We tell them what’s bothering us and how can we rectify the situation to move forward to a better place.  We allow the other person the respect of telling their side of the issue.  We always speak to that person face to face, not hiding behind electronic media to do our dirty work for us.  We don’t erase or throw away memories.  When we respect our friendships we don’t burn our bridges.  Sometimes we walk away, but we always come back to mend the fence.  This requires courage.

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