Running alone

I like to run alone.  I admit it.  I’ll run in the morning or at night.  With heavy traffic or on those back country roads.  It doesn’t bother me, nor do I ever feel lonely.  Running alone gives one time to think, especially if you’re running a long way:)  Sometimes things just seem clearer when you’re running.  You get away from the cellphone, computers, Facebook or blogging – lol.  It can also become a struggle.  When you’re not feeling up to par, you find yourself making deals with yourself – “If I can just make it to the end of the road; two more miles, maybe if I just slow down and regroup”.  All of these things that go through your head, the deals and the compromises.  It’s quite a mental workout.

Last summer, as I was training for my first half-marathon, I started my run early in the morning hoping to finish 13 for the first time in a long, long time.  Everything was going great until mile 8 and then I hit a brick wall.  It was really strange because I’ve never felt like this before; my legs just stopped.  I literally couldn’t move forward, then I started breathing heavy and my vision went white.  Believe it or not I still tried to move forward in this condition.  I had consumed all my water and was very thirsty.  At that point a little bit of fear ran through me.  I wondered am I having a heart attack, what?  I had to sit down on the side of the road.  I just sat there for 15 minutes, cars whizzing by.  I wondered what people were thinking.  Look at that lady on the side of the road, is she drunk or crazy.  Unfortunately, no one stopped.  Sometimes it makes you wonder, but such is life.  After 15 minutes of rest I continued on and finished.

I finally decided since I’ll be going on more of these adventures that I would invest in a Road ID and no not because I’m getting older.  I really love this little bracelet.  It has all my vitals incase I pass out somewhere and if any body does stop, well they can call for backup.  Ha!

road Id

Keep on moving!


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