Spring is in the air

I’m up at six on a Saturday because I have cats. I can also hear the birds outside which always means spring is around the corner. It’s one of those weekends  here where it will be in the 60s!  Of course I’m excited, this means long run and I won’t freeze. Unfortunately, the knee and the back are giving me issue.  As much as I’d like to “push it” and muddle through I think I’ll have to give it a break this weekend.

When you start to feel those familiar pains, you know the ones that will really do you in, if you’re like me it takes a lot to just stand down. I won’t lie I hate it!  These pains also tell me it’s time to invest in new running shoes. So, today I’ll go and see what I can find.  My shoes usually last me about six months.  Of, course this all depends on how much you’re running as well. Been putting some miles on these baby’s that’s for sure and I only use them for running.

So, on tap this weakened will be plenty of stretching, walking and looking for a race towards the end of March.

Keep on moving.


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