Pain – My Take #2


Sodium hyaluronate…..hmmmm hmmm good.

Physical pain is a part of running.  If you’re going to do any type of running get ready for the pain at some point and time. Back pain, leg pain, and knee pain.  Everyone has a certain level of physical pain they can endure.  I like to think I have a high level of tolerance to pain.  I can take it.  After saying that I really don’t know what that means to my readers – lol, but I think I handle it well, maybe it’s mental agility or just the drive.  I also believe you can take more than you think.  I admit at 45 I’ve had minimal injuries.  I’ve played all sorts of sports and was in the Army.  For the most part, I’m rock solid.  I’ve seen younger people with far worse issues.  I don’t know, I guess I’ve just been lucky.  After my knee surgery my kneecap was hanging, very frustrating.  It was difficult to walk down a flight of  stairs.  Since then, I’ve opted for SYNVISC shots between the kneecap.  I know what you’re thinking.  Oh, yes I do…and yes it hurt.  It hurt bad, like…childbirth bad.  Quit biting your bottom lip, it’s going to bleed.  Breathe, you know quick puffs like they taught you in birthing class.  Ok, relax.  It did help.  It gave me more agility and less pain.  No, I’m not going to stop running.

The first two shots I received the whole dose and the shots are about 6 months apart.  Some people only need a couple of shots.  I opted to go back and get another round.  This time I went with a generic brand and a series of three.  What this means is three shots in three weeks with less gel going in at one time.  It was a breeze.  Definitely didn’t hurt as bad with less gel going inside.  If you are thinking of talking to your doctor about these shots I would go with the 3 shot treatment.  The pain was much easier to take no matter how tough you think you are.

Keep going and get your shine on….

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