50 Mile Challenge MS Walk Update

On the MS website there is a training plan.  It lays out how many miles you should be walking to gear up for the 50 mile walk.  This is how it’s all going down; 18 miles the first day; 22 miles the second day; and 12 miles the last.

Now I’ll admit when I saw the flyer in Toolen’s Running Start, I yanked it out of its hold and said awwwww yeah I’m so going to do this!  No problems!  Bam!  I was so excited I told Jen right away.  “Guess what Jen, I’m walking 50 miles”, pant – pant – I haven’t even started, pant – pant – it’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She smiles and says well you know we trained for it – hmmmm.  Of course, there is training involved, I said, of course, like – of course.


I run.  I walk – a little.  I realize walking is different from running.  So this weekend I’m starting off by walking 10 instead of running.  How hard can it be, we shall see.  Something tells me there is going to be a lot of “suck-it-up cupcake” involved.

I found this article, Walking vs. Running, Why These Gaits Are Not The Same,  by Dr. Phil Maffetone.  Enjoy, and walk on.


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