My Legacy continued…..

I can, so I will….

You may remember my 18 Apr, 2013 post on legacy.  Collena asked me what did I want my tombstone to say – what was the “legacy” I wanted to leave behind.  Me being me, I like to stew about things, especially these types of questions.  I didn’t have a good answer.  So, I thought about it and thought some more.

I can, so I will…  

Of course there is all the normal stuff, “Oh she was sweet; a hard worker; loved her family; was humble; and treated others with respect and kindness…yes, yes, blah, blah.  We all want to be remembered – “ah hem” favorably at the end and good folk will remember the good, even if you were somewhat of a jerk during your life, at the time of your death.

I can, so I will… 

When I think of the above attributes, they seem somewhat standard.  Like all the normal stuff you get when you by a new computer, it just comes with the package – PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, etc, etc.  Those qualities are taught at a young age and hopefully we carry with us through out our lives.  Treat others as we would like to be treated and don’t waste our time here on earth.  But the tombstone!  That seals the deal!  I mean really, don’t mess this one up.

I can, so I will… 

I learned at a very young age to respect and appreciate life.  I’m never afraid to try new things or accept a new challenge.  Sometimes it turns out smashing and other times, not so much.  In the end at least I tried and took away the positive.

 So quite simply my tombstone will read:

She believe she could

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