Pain – My Take #4

Yesterdays weather was fantastic so I took the opportunity to get a walk in instead of a run.  The 50 Mile MS Challenge Walk is just around the corner and I have to train for walking just like I do for running.  So I was able to log 4 miles.  Need to bump that up this weekend.

The walk would have been more enjoyable if my whole right side wasn’t hurting at the moment.  Hip, elbow, top of the foot and I won’t even begin about the bruises on my right arm.  That’s right, welcome to intramural volleyball, work style.  There’s nothing better than down home, good old-fashioned fun like trying to pummel your coworkers with a volleyball twice a week.   I say that with all the love in the world – lol.  All in all it’s good fun, but it appears to be a full contact sport.  So, I might need to be tapering off a bit as to keep injury free for the bigger tasks at hand.

2 thoughts on “Pain – My Take #4

  1. I’m a runner and recently went for a 12 mile walk…let me tell you. Walking is WAY under-rated. I was far more sore from walking 12 miles than I’ve been after any marathon! -H (


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