The Four Pillars

Ask anyone what moves them, they will give you varying answers, but chances are that you can summarize all of them into 4 basic “pillars” as I will call them. People generally venture to live, love, learn, and leave a legacy. So I ask you today:

What is your purpose?
Are you purpose driven?
Are you moved on a daily basis by the 4 basic pillars?

Often times I think about this as I run or briskly stroll. The brisk strolls come in when I’m trying to keep up with my 4 year old on his bike in front of me while pulling my 2 year old behind in the wagon making every effort not to run over my own heels with the wagon wheels as my leash untrained dog pulls me to and fro. I have ventured lately to be fully present in what I am doing not thinking of all daily tasks I have yet to complete or daydreaming of the future. Rather just being. It’s fun to just be. It’s actually rather enlightening. You notice more of “the good stuff”.

Take for instance my recent stroll, I noticed that at each driveway my son would stop, look back at me, and wait for me to assert that it’s okay to cross. I never noticed this before nor did I give thought to how responsible that was of a 4 year old boy. This time I noticed so much so that I was able to fulfill one of his 4 basic pillars. His need to learn. This activity gave me the time to explain why I told him to stop at the driveways, what he needs to do to proceed (look both ways and ensure no one is backing out of their garage or pulling into their driveway) and how we can teach his little brother these same precautions. Wow, how great right? I in turn fulfilled 2 need pillars, living and loving.

Sometimes the easiest way to find your purpose is to take out a few minutes of your day and write down events that have changed you. The points in which you realized this world isn’t a safe place and made you switch from just living everyday in a playground of a world to driving fence posts.

To help you get started I’ll share: The event that changed my way of thinking was the Flood of 1993. I was 9 and I the switch began to occur when people started talking of the flood, the fears arose as I shoveled bag after bag of sand and they were carted off to a levee that was protecting our town from the rising waters of the Mississippi. At that point I didn’t appreciate the greatness of the river, nor did I understand what this levee was doing for us, the fear became greater when one late night in the command post several men decided they would give “one last ditch effort” to protecting the town. They came back several hours later stating it was too risky as they bagged the water continued to come through…the full change came on the very next early August morning when I awoke to see news footage of water rushing through our town and homes fully submerged by the raging Mississippi. So what was a 9 year old to take from this life changing event?

I could have taken a lot of things from it, one that the world wasn’t safe, but the other thing I took from it was the greatest gift of all. The event tempered and honed me for a greater purpose. The event called forth my greatness. As a warrior for spirit I realize now that tragic event gave me this purpose: Enriching Lives, Inspiring, and Making Something from Nothing. I was so touched by the love and support poured out by others for our small little town and by the will of the people to build anew that all of this overshadowed the tragic reality that my home, the place where I rooted my beginnings was gone.

Run on sisters and live presently for a greater purpose.



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