Pre-Race Preparation

Preparing for my MS walk and of course nothing can go easy.  Tired and packing I realize the weather in St. Louis isn’t going to be great this weekend.  Out of everything I have ready to go I didn’t have a rain poncho.  Decided to go down to the local Wal-Mart and purchase one.

The tornado sirens go off and I’m stuck in the car because Wal-Mart is on lock-down.  Sigh.  Finally, the sirens stop and in I go.  Acquired said poncho, some G2 Gels, a gel shot (no alcohol) and some protein bars.  Annoyed.  Finally, left Wal-Mart.

Blogging, when I should be packing.  Cat tearing up furniture.  Whatever.

Going to throw some clothes in the dryer.

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