I thought this was a cute entry from Confessions of a Monogramed Runner, enjoy.

Faith. Fear. Freedom.

I’m going to begin this blog post before lunch and probably apologize profusely afterwards. I have unfortunately entered into my early morning rungry state and I am desperate for something unrelated to my actual profession, to distract me.

Some of you may be scratching your heads asking “what in the world is rungry?” Well today is your lucky day because I’m gonna go ahead and educate you on this lovely Wednesday.

Run-gry. Adjective. Country of Origin: ‘MERICA! Being so hungry post early morning run, one turns into an absolute monster and chugs obscene amounts of ice cold water to prevent the eating of lunch too early. Also see: Runger.

“Stephanie is so Run-gry from this morning’s run she literally growled out loud at an ignorant e-mail that wasn’t all that ignorant.”

But seriously, this is a major issue at least 2-3 times a month. Typically, I only find…

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