Pain Post #5


It’s been a week since I’ve been taking Flomax for the kidney stone I’ve developed because of my poor hydration habits.  I feel better, but the ache is still there in my lower left back.  So, I’m not sure that I’m totally out of the water with this thing.  If it doesn’t go on its own I will have to get it blasted.

I have made a concerted effort to drink more water, especially after I run.  The problem with hydration (it’s only a problem with us over 40 gals :-/) is the constant going to the bathroom with good hydration.  Ah yes, I go out for a run and 5 minutes into it – I gotta go.  Dang.  Don’t worry I’m trying to develop a running skirt with depends – no not really just kidding – hmmm maybe….

Last week’s runs simply, weren’t fantastic.  In actuality they literally stunk.  I was tired; breathing was difficult, and I was just all over the place with my form.  Sigh.

There is a good route in my neighborhood and I can get in around 4.69 miles.  It was 89 degrees out and the humidity was off the chart so cheerily I set out.  I hydrated.  The run is going along, I have my favorite tunes on my iPod and then I start to breathe really heavy.  No problem, this is where the mental toughness comes in to play – I got this…Crap, I have to stop.  Breathe…breathe…pant okay, I’m walking.  Start up again hit a mile – I’ve got to stop.  My neighborhood has a golf course and as I come around the loop is a BATHROOM (angels in the background) – believe it or not – I really didn’t need to go – but most of the time I do – psychological?  As I approach the bathroom I realize – hey, I’m really thirsty.  I saunter up and the door to the ladies room  is closed!  I see my association dues are being well spent.

I’m thirsty………..

Then I see it………

The golf ball washer – and for a moment….just a split second….I wonder….is there water really in there?  What does it taste like…how much damage will it do to my body…then I snapped out of that trance.  Serenity now!

I keep going.

Then I wonder – where the heck is the high school kid that rides around on that golf cart selling cool beverages to the golfers?!  I don’t have any money – maybe I could hide behind that bush…no, no, no.

I keep going.

I have to find that water belt.


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