Run #2 – No iPod Challenge

3 August

I am in to my second day of the no iPod challenge – so far so good.  Saturday I set out for 6 miles down Mascoutah Ave no tunes in hand.  Got going around 8 am, it was slightly hazy, a little muggy, but the weather in this part of Illinois has been extremely pleasant as of late.

The road out of the neighborhood has just been oiled (graveled) so this means I have to pay extra attention to my footing.  It’s a two lane road that has a curved embankment.  When cars pass, moving to the side can cause a problem with footing on the heavy gravel.  I have this footing for about 3/4 of a mile until I come to Mascoutah Ave, also a two lane road.

I hit Mascoutah Ave and I feel good, but a little on edge.  Not really sure why.  I’m not missing the music but I do feel like something’s missing.

I find it’s very interesting to see who gives you “room” to run, while others just buzz by you.  A lot of drivers gave me that courtesy today, but there were a few that buzzed me.  Thank you.

I’m running along and then it hits me to check my Garmin Forerunner 10 to gauge my progress.  It’s a small battle going on inside my brain…”It’s too early to check”…”no it’s not”….”yes it is, we just started”…”but we’re only doing six, so we need to check”…”no, don’t do it”….”do it, do it, do it”…..awwwww I’m checking – only 1.66.

Running on…it appears that lite beer seems to be the beer of choice around these parts.  I counted three lite beer cans on the side of the road.  Let’s see, Lite beer, Miller Lite, and Bud Lite ~  and a camouflage koozi!  Whoa, it looks in great shape – who threw that out?  After living in Germany for two years, uh, I’m not drinking Lite Beer!

Garmin check – 2.01.

Hmmm there seems to be an excessive amount of road kill on the road.  Welcome to running in the cornfields of Illinois!  Awww, raccoons, eww what is that? Frogs ~ is that a lizard?

Garmin check – 3.02 – yay, turning around.

Ewww, more road kill…what if I saw a dead body in the ditch..corn looks good…tail pipe…something stinks!

Garmin check – 3.66…dang!

Oh look there’s the little white farm house…I’m getting closer…I’ve got to go grocery shopping and drop off the clothes at the cleaners.

Garmin check – “stop checking – you know you have to run home – that will be 6 miles, dummy”….”I can’t help it” – 4.66.

I see the neighborhood – getting close and there is the yellow turn sign!

Garmin check – 4.91 – Crackers!

“I can’t believe you checked it again”…”Waaaaaaaa”!

Garmin check – 5.25.

“Really, really”…”Shut it”.

Back on the adjoining road to the neighborhood, feeling good but so ready for this run to be done.

Garmin check -“NO”…”YES”!

Run, run, run….

GARMIN CHECK – 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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