#3 – No iPod Challenge

no ipod

Walk #3 – 5 August

Promptly left work at 3:45 today with the hopes of getting home, cooking dinner and lacing up.  Hopped in the car and immediately turned on the radio.  Ahhhh – sweet music.  I turned it up and started singing along.  Then I started surfing as fast as I could – it was weird.  I went from one channel to the next, it didn’t matter if I liked the song or not, I was determined to get in as many genres as possible before I had to cut it off.  I didn’t even realize I was doing it until halfway home (my drive is only 10 minutes).  Way too funny.

Decided to walk this evening.  It was 70 (according to the Garmin) with 88% humidity.  I started off around dinner time and no one was outside.  The occasional car would speed by, but for the most part it was quiet.  When it’s quiet you can really hear the locusts now.  I focused on that sound and it was almost deafening.  It’s an amazing sound – a true sound of summer.  Breathing in the air – lovely.

As I made the turn home families were out teaching children how to catch, hit, and ride.  Lawns were getting watered and mowed.  Teens hanging out on cars, no doubt talking about school starting next week.  Nice end to the day – ended with 4.70 miles.

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