Run #4 – No iPod Challenge

7 August

Nice lunch time run today.  The Garmin said it was in the 70s with 88% humidity.  I can’t believe that at all.  When I left the desk temp said 88 – but who knows.  It was hot – very hot.  I love having that break during the day to go for a run or a workout.  The only problem in August – working out, outside you get drenched in sweat.  Hit the showers then try to cool down before going back to the office.  Whew!  Not always pristine situation.

It was quiet on the track today – not a lot of people out.  When I started running I didn’t really think about the music or lack thereof.  I concentrated on the pace and loosening up the shoulders.

Ran 3.11 miles with core work out in between.  Workout consisted of planks, reverse planks, some yoga pose I forgot the name of and crunches and burned 310 calories.


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