11 – 17 August Mileage Stats


Last weeks stats were pretty low. I’m not in the best of moods to write this post as I wait for the hotel shuttle to take me to the Phoenix airport. Last week I was preparing to fly out to Arizona and get my daughter set up for college. I’ve never been to Arizona so this was an adventure for me as well.

I was going to stay until Friday but I have realized there was no need to linger on for Mommy support. She seems to be doing well and is excited. I’ll be honest I’m not sure what I think about this place. There is a different kind of beauty here.  I’m used to the trees and green. There are trees here, just another kind.  It’s hot, well it’s a desert of course. It’s just different.

I can remember when I brought her home. She was hell on wheels from the moment she got home, never slowed down. she takes after her mother:). Now she is on her own for the first time. It may sound strange but the farthest she’s been from me was a sleepover. This is hard.

I logged 10.67 miles last week – 10,689.27 remaining.

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