I’m Going To Run A Marathon

I’ve decided to go for it – run a marathon.  I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I finally decided that I would put forth my best effort and give it a shot.  “Giving it a shot” doesn’t sound very motivational does it?  So I will simply say I’m going to do it.

Every time I thought about completing a marathon I would get a little nervous.  It takes a lot of training and discipline.  I know runners that have trained and it isn’t easy.  It can’t be easy.  I trained and ran a half marathon and it wasn’t easy.  Heck, if it were easy everybody would be doing it and they’re not.

I believe my success will be driven by my commitment.  Training, dedication and hard work will serve as the key factors to my success.  It will be hard….but worth the effort.

I have chosen to use marathon rookie as my training plan.  I used the half marathon plan and it worked well for me.  I know everyone has their own plan, but I think this one will suffice.  You can view the plan here: 26.2.

I won’t use words like luck and hope in my marathon training.  I’ve lived long enough to know that success in any endeavor is the result of dedication, hard work and proper planning.  Today was day one completing 3 miles this evening – without the iPod of course:)

12 thoughts on “I’m Going To Run A Marathon

  1. Good Luck! It will take those closest to you to understand the journey you are taking. The most important thing any of us have is time.


      • I wish I could take credit for it but the first time I heard it was on the show “Shark Tank” and it was said by Mark Cuban. If you stop and think about it he is right. Time is the one thing you can control. I saw on your blog that you were in St. Louis. That’s my hometown. I was there about 10 days ago and the weather was nice. I spoke with a friend from up there today and they are talking upper 90’s this week. That is more like St. Louis this time of year. I do admire you folks who can be that dedicated to running. Best of Luck!


      • I spent 35 years there and the weather can have its extremes. Its a unique city. The biggest single biggest issue is the fact the city doesn’t sit in a county. It has created one headache after another.


  2. Good for you! Training for a marathon isn’t easy, but crossing the finish line makes it all worth it, it is very rewarding! Looking forward to seeing what race you choose, there are so many great ones out there!


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