St. Louis Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

I’m nearing the end of week two of my marathon training and have decided that I will run the St. Louis Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on 27 Oct 2013.

Details are here:  St. Louis Rock and Roll Marathon

St. Louis Marathon

I tried to find a marathon in late November, but it doesn’t look good.  The weather here starts to go south in the Midwest so I imagine that is the issue.  The program I’m using to train is marathon rookie.  Although, I’m farther ahead in my training I thought that I would follow the full program.  Lesson learned when training for a marathon there is some backwards planning involved:)  Not a problem I’m going to shorten the plan and  be ready by Oct 27.

Hope everyone is achieving their running goals this week.  Happy miles to you.

6 thoughts on “St. Louis Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

  1. The weather can be a problem that time of year. I don’t know where you live but if you need connections up there let me know. Its my hometown.


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