Mileage Recap 1 – 7 Sept

First week of September and it doesn’t quite feel like Fall.  We had some lovely weather a few weeks ago then it reverted back to hot and sticky.  I’m knocking on wood – the cold damp weather will be here soon enough.

Week two of my marathon training was smooth.  So far feeling good and no injuries.  Some tightness in the back right hamstring, but everything else is functioning as it should:)

I got in some extra mileage on Sunday walking with friends in the morning and the rest of the week was planned running.

My long run consisted of 8 miles this Saturday.  It was a nice steady run.  Elevation was fairly flat with a high amount of road kill.  I did notice a sock on the side of the road.  Have you ever noticed a sock or shoe in the street while running?  That single sock got me thinking.  You can’t help but wonder about it.  How did it get here?  Did it fall out of someone’s car?  Did they just decide “hey, I don’t want this sock” and out it goes?  Was there an accident?  So many things to ponder.

The mileage break-down looked like this:

Sunday 3.02 Walk
Monday 3.05 Run
Tuesday Kettle Bells and 1:15 Yoga
Wednesday 5.00 Run
Thursday 3.16 Run
Friday Rest
Saturday 8.02 Run
Total 22.25 Miles
Remaining    10,587.12

I hope you reached your goals this week.  Until then…happy miles to you.


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