Mileage Recap 8 – 14 Sept

Week three of marathon training down!  The beginning of the week started off hot but now we are really feeling some cool weather here in the Midwest.  Perfect for running.  My training week consisted of:

Sunday – Rest

Monday – 4 miles

Tuesday – 30 minutes Kettle bell workout 1:15 yoga

Wednesday – 5 miles

Thursday – 4.01 miles

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 11 miles and 2:00 yoga/meditation.  Total for the week 24.01 miles

Felt good on all the weekly runs.  Saturday’s long run was okay.  Started around 6:30 am with a temperature in the 40’s.  It’s great running weather but now comes the conundrum of layers of clothes.  Start off cold end up hot.  I hate being cold and I hate being hot!  I wasn’t tired on this run at all.  Felt like my breathing was even and consistent.  About 3 miles into the run I felt like I had to….can you guess?  Sigh, go to the bathroom.  Good heavens!  Really?  I try to plan, ah hem, accordingly but this was just one of those days.  I know when I’m eyeing the cornfields, thinking, “ok will that one be safe” I’m in trouble.  But I managed to survive.  The arches of my feet were hurting a bit, but I battled through that too.  Noteworthy items on the side of the road this run you got it – light beer, an inhaler and….drum roll please – a pillow!  Let’s analyze and make this interesting shall we?  Hmmm – a pillow, with pillow case mind you, on the side of the road.  Fell out of the back of a truck?  Sleep-over gone bad?  Angst on the family road trip?  Do tell.

Well my friends, I hope your weekend was pleasant.  Gratefully, 10,563.11 miles remaining for  this gal.  Happy miles to you.

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