Mileage Recap 1 ~ 9 Nov

I am slowly recovering and taking my time before I start longer distances after running the St. Louis marathon.  I didn’t have any injuries but I did have pain that manifested about two to three days after the race.  The most prominent was the top of my right foot.  It was really hurting for a few days so I forced myself to do lighter “runs” if you will, using the elliptical and treadmill for about a week.  I iced and used my foam roller ~ both seem to help quite a bit.  The “rungry” also didn’t happen.  I find that amazing as well.  When I ran the half I was extremely hungry for a couple of days.  I’m chalking this one up to eating well.  I really made sure I stayed hydrated and ate enough(tried to eat the right foods).

It’s funny, I had no problem with the taper before the marathon.  It was aftermath of “still wanting to keep moving” I found more difficult.  The urge to go out and run, knowing that wouldn’t be a smart idea.  You have to give yourself time.  It’s the smart and healthy thing to do.  So, catching up with a few days this was the recap:

Nov 2 Sat ~ 3.49  walked

Sun ~ rest

Mon ~ 3 miles elliptical

Tues ~ 1:15 hrs yoga

Wed ~ 3 miles elliptical

Thurs ~ Fri  rest

Sat ~ 2 miles treadmill 3 miles elliptical

Total = 14.49 miles.  To all of you who visit from time-to-time, follow my progress, or just the curious.  I thank you and happy miles to you ~ 10,395.70 thankfully remaining.


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