Mileage Recap 24 ~ 30 November

November has come and gone.  Where does the time go?  It goes too quickly that’s for sure.  It’s hard to believe that I have almost been blogging for a year.  The experience has been an adventure for sure.  I am on track to complete 1,000 miles before the new year.  Completed 47 miles for November which will leave 48 for December.

This weeks long run was an anticipation run.  I love the Holidays.  People are busy and for the most part happy.  In my neighborhood many folks participate in decorating their houses to some degree.  I don’t know about you but everything just seems better with lights:)  It was nice to see that holiday spirit.  There were a couple of other runners on the road enjoying this wonderful day.

The weather has been great these last few days.  I was able to run with a long sleeve shirt and running skirt.  Breathing was even and easy.  Ran through the neighborhood and up the main road.  I felt good and those slight pains are starting to heal.  I’ve been taking great care to use the foam roller and soak when I can.  It does help.

Weekly recap:

Sun ~ rest

Mon ~ 3 miles treadmill

Tues ~ cross fit

Wed ~ 3,39 run

Thurs and Fri ~ rest

Sat ~ 6 miles

Total for the week was 12.39 miles.  Laughing all the way….10,362.80 remaining.  Happy miles to you.

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