Mileage Recap ~ 5 – 11 Jan and 2014 Goals

I almost did it.  I almost gave myself two weeks of rest.  Two weeks of body rejuvenation before I start-up again.  The weather was very bad last week so that helped keep me inside and at home, but then I became too stir-crazy and had to do at least the elliptical and was happy to start-up yoga again.  Now that the holidays are behind me I was glad to get back to my normal routine.  Had a great yoga class and the next day my hip felt much better.

My main goal for 2014 is to complete 1500 miles.  I completed 1000 miles last year and I’m looking forward to as many road miles I can put in this year without injury.  Looking to finally purchase a bike this year too!  My mileage goals for 2014:

  1. Two half marathons (maybe a full)
  2. One destination race
  3. First Biathlon
  4. Five separate local races
  5. Bike the Katy Trail in MO
  6. More strength training
  7. Complete 1500 miles

Not to lofty and plenty of room to expand.

This weeks total miles equal 3 miles on the elliptical on a snowy day.  Total mileage happily remaining = 10,303.56.  I’m ready!


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