Mileage Recap 19 ~ 25 Jan

Tough week.  A little under the weather and work has been let’s just say… less than fun and way too busy.  Was hoping to get at least 15 in but had to settle for a little less.  The weather has been terrible on my run days.  Oh well not complaining just have to take it inside which is probably for the best to rest the left knee that is still hurting a bit.  Two things to look forward too next week, look for races to run and get back into some weight lifting.

Sun ~ Rest

Mon ~ 3.43 running miles (tread)

Tues ~ rest

Wed ~ 4.07 running miles (tread)

Thurs ~ rest

Fri ~ rest

Sat ~ 5.06

Total of 12.56 miles ran this week, 33.09 so far for the month and 10,275.92 happily remaining.  Happy miles to you!

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