Mileage Recap 9 ~ 16 Feb…As The Treadmill Turns

Unfortunately, this was a slow week.  Busy and the weather was crappy.  I was hoping to get outside this weekend ~ the weather was so bad we were released from work early on Friday and Saturday the roads had ice.  So, back to the treadmill I went.

This is what I woke up to

Icy conditions

Icy conditions

I made sure I got to the Y early so I could get a machine.  I couldn’t believe it, there was only one left!  I figured that I would run and bike.  One of my goals this year is to participate in a biathlon so I want to start pedaling a bit.

I finish my run on the treadmill and I walk over to where the disinfectant spray is to wipe down the machine.  Before I can get to the paper towels this guy jumps out and says “Are you all finished?”  He was a little intense…”Uh yeah, let me just wipe the machine down and it’s all yours”.  I wipe the machine down and turn around a there he is.  “So how much did you run?”  I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever been approached by someone in the gym asking me how much did I run….on the treadmill.  It must have been my mad treadmill skillz he was admiring.  You know, running, messing with my Ipod, drinking water and flipping through those stupid TV channels because you just can’t watch another episode of Saved By The Bell.  All the while I’m running…on the treadmill….awwwwwww yeah.

Now I’m looking at this guy, he’s in shape and maybe a good 10 years younger.  It was hard to tell.  I find myself saying ~ “yeah I did four…and now I’m going over to the bikes.  Yeah you heard me…I’m going to ride the bike”.  Then he says “yeah I ran 7, but I need to run a few more”.  Oooooookkkkk, and with that I’m heading to the bikes.

The take away folks ~ you just can’t truly appreciate the YMCA without a little treadmill drama.

Workout stats:

Sun ~ Rest

Mon ~ 4.5 running

Tues ~ Kettle Bells and 1:15 yoga

Wed ~ Nothing!

Thurs ~ Kettle Bells

Fri ~ Rest

Sat ~ 4 running

Sun ~ 4.10 running and 2 on the bike

Total for this week (yes I added two Sundays) is 14. 6 miles with 10,234.32 thankfully remaining.

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