Mileage Recap 17 ~ 22 Feb

Had a couple good breaks in the weather this week.  Wednesday was 55 degrees and sunny.  Unfortunately, looks like we we’re heading for more bad weather this coming week.  Where’s my February going?!!!!

I got in two outside runs this week and felt both of them.  I’ve been running on the treadmill too long!  My schedule is off too and I’m trying to get back on my normal running routine.  Wanted to throw in 6 for Sunday but dinner with friends the night before changed that plan.

On the upside I have decided to get my yoga certification.  Excited!

Mon ~  Rest

Tues ~ Cross Fit and Kettle Bells 1:15 of yoga

Wed ~ 4.64 miles (outside!)

Thurs/Fri ~ rest

Sat ~ 5.11 miles outside

Total miles for the week ~ 9.75 with 10,224.57 graciously remaining.  Happy miles to you.

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