Mileage Recap 9 ~ 15 Mar

This week was better for mileage.  The weather mellowed out a bit and I’m starting to feel more energized.  Pains have been to a minimum and my speed seems to be getting a little better too:)  I know speed is a big deal for a lot of people and I think it’s awesome when you break your own personal records.  For me, I get excited if I run quicker than my normal pace, but to be honest I’m glad if I can just maintain and feel good at the end.

Maybe it’s because I was outside but my miles seemed to stay around 9:14 average ~ which makes this gal happy!  This week’s long run is up to 6 miles.  Whew, it was great to be outside!  It was a crisp Spring morning, so I had on my pants and jacket. If I had waited a little later I could have run in shorts.  Ran on the main road and folks seemed pretty gracious ~ i.e. not driving as close to me as possible.  Maybe they were happy to be outside too and being courteous was on the menu.  I can definitely tell people have been hibernating because the amount of trash on the side of the road was to a minimum.  No, I didn’t see any lite beer cans this go round…don’t worry it will be warm soon.

This week’s mileage tops off at 19.64 miles for the week with 10,184.47 happily remaining.  Every mile behind me a triumph every one ahead a gift worth celebrating.  Happy miles to you!

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