Mileage Recap 16 ~ 29 Mar

Don’t you hate it when work gets in the way of your running?  Or in my case upsets the routine.  These last couple of weeks have been just blah!  Long and fast paced days don’t equate to long and fruitful runs.  The weather here doesn’t help it either.  I think I’m on strike with mother nature.  It’s almost April for heaven sakes!  Me thinks it might be time to look for a warmer climate:)

Crying Baby

I know…dial 1-800-Wha-aaa!

My goal for the week of the 16th was to do 5 5ks in the week.  Why?  Eh, why not?  Well that didn’t happen so I’m going to try again next week.  Let’s keep it interesting….

I’m really enjoying the incorporation of more strength training this year.  I’ve been focusing on cross fit exercises and the use of kettle bells.  Definitely starting to see some results and feel stronger which is a plus.  I like the change-up from lifting the normal weights or using the machines.  Makes for a more interesting work out.

There was a ray of light with these two mediocre weeks.  I have begun my yoga certification!  I have been so impressed with the results of yoga and running I decided to get my certification so I can help others learn.  I’m becoming certified through Yoga Source in St. Louis Which is accredited by Yoga Alliance.  Exciting and fun.  I went to my first training last weekend ~ it was an all weekend training with four hours on a Friday night and eight hours Saturday and eight on Sunday.  I will do this one weekend a month for the next ten months.  I consider myself fit.  Let me tell you this, if you think yoga is easy….uh no.  It was extremely challenging.  Can’t wait for the next class.  I look forward to talking more about yoga and sharing what I’ve learned.

Was able to complete 14.03 miles the past couple of weeks with 10,170.44 gratefully remaining.  Namaste!

6 thoughts on “Mileage Recap 16 ~ 29 Mar

  1. That great, congratulations on starting your yoga teacher training! And yes, yoga IS hard especially when you’re completely immersed in it for a whole weekend like that! I can’t wait to hear how your program is!


  2. I read a great post recently about a bunch of CrossFit people who went to a yoga class and couldn’t do it. A completely different type of strength. I’ve found it really good for my running as well. Probably the only thing that keeps my hamstrings from just snapping right through…


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