Running Angel ~ Blog Brag

Here’s a Monday blog brag.  Congratulations to my sweet little neighbor Katlyn.  She was part of an after school running program.  She participated in her first run ~ Go St. Louis!  She ran 1 mile without stopping!  You can tell by the smile on her face that this is a special achievement.


These types of programs are great for kids because it teaches so much more than running.  Kids learn how to set a goal, practice then achieve ~ lessons that are important in every day living.  Let’s face it…a little running bling doesn’t hurt either!  Fantastic work ~ we’re proud of you!!!

3 thoughts on “Running Angel ~ Blog Brag

  1. Thank you for bragging on my girl. She ran a full marathon over the course of many weeks followed by the Go St. Louis run. I think Girls on the Run is next for this girl. 🙂


  2. I really like running programs and activities for kids, I think there is so much they can learn from running, and hopefully will help them discover and live a healthier lifestyle later on (when they get to make their own decisions about health/exercise/nutrition).


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