Mileage Recap ~ 20 – 26 April

Phoenix is a wonderful place. When I was here last year it was 117 degrees in August and I’m not sure how I really felt about the place. I’m used to green and rain not brown and dusty.  I’m looking at this place with a new set of eyes and see beauty everywhere. I really love it. So, traveling has put me back a bit on my blogging and running.

I’m one of these people that need to change it up…often. When I started this blog I knew that if I was going to concentrate on mileage it had to be more than running. I also think that it is imperative to switch it up so you don’t overuse the same muscles, cause overuse and injury. I’m classic for overuse so I’ve been trading my runs in for spinning lately – and I’m loving it. I didn’t get around to buying a bike last year but last week I took the big plunge!  I can’t wait to get back and actually ride it!  I bought it then traveled so I haven’t even had a chance to test it out.

Mileage for this week equaled 20 with 10,105.16 gratefully remaining.

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