Mileage Recap ~ 25 – 31 May

I can’t believe May has come and gone!  We seem to have jumped from the cold weather straight into the hot here in the Midwest.

This week was a really great week for mileage.  I was hoping to get under the 10,000 mark by the end of May but find myself about 6 miles short.  No worries, here.  With the threat of rain every day, I was able to get in 36.2 miles for the week and 92.89 for the month.

Two 10 mile rides with a long ride on Saturday of 15.16.  I had calculated the long ride to be about 16 miles but…that seemed to fall a bit short too!  Today’s ride was fairly smooth with some good weather and road kill was light to moderate.  The bugs were out in force and I really need to learn to keep my mouth shut.  There’s nothing worse than riding along and you hit one of those crazy pools of gnats with a mouth wide open.  I got my protein intake for the day. The ol’ derriere is getting used to the thin seat and my back it hurting less from leaning over.  Those first couple of rides were hard on the neck.I’m getting used to the bike but have decided I need to get a mirror so I can see what’s coming up behind me.  When running I don’t have a problem because I see what’s coming but it is a little nerve-wracking on some of these roads when you don’t know what’s behind you.  Thinking, that’s going to be the next addition to the bike.

Life is good with 10,006.27 miles remaining, Garmin stats .  Never.Give.Up


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