Mileage Recap ~ 30 June – 6 July

4th of July in the Midwest was absolutely beautiful.  I can only imagine that weather in heaven would be just as good.  I know the weather on the East coast wasn’t so great, but I hope everyone was able to put in some good mileage.

June mileage = 62.49.  Down a bit from last month.

Yoga continues to take up a great bit of my time on the weekend.  As I get closer to my certification I’ve been getting together with some of my work buddies and teaching them a few moves to get ready for my test in October.  It’s funny trying to teach that yoga “flow” is a lot harder than it looks.  I’m still having a great time and can’t wait to complete the training.

I was happy that I was able to start running again ~ not much, but little bits.  I’m slowly getting back into it while taking care of my bursitis in my right hip.  I also discovered some joint tea from Yogi, love the taste and thought I would get it a try.

My first run for July was 4.65 miles and pain-free.  I will continue to scrap at it.  Sunday was my long bike ride.  The husband and I rode on the metro bike trail for about 14.36 miles.  It is a combination of flat and some light hills.  It’s nice when you don’t feel like dealing with traffic for your entire ride.

Total mileage since last update = 21.21 miles.  Total mileage completed 1,390.23 and 9,924.77 outstandingly remaining.  Happy miles to you.


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