Mileage Recap ~ 7 – 20 July

I get disappointed sometimes when I expect to complete more miles and realize that okay, I’m only going to be able to do my best and get in what I can.  Learn to let it go. (Isn’t that a song?) That’s hard for type As you know.  There will be good weeks and weeks where I have to just accept it is what it is the number that is.  I always look for the positive and yes, there is a positive.  The bursitis in the right hip is on the mend and I actually ran more in the last couple weeks than I’ve run in a while.  That is good, but boy can I feel it in my stamina, or should I say lack thereof.  As most of you runners can attest, dropping down the mileage for a while then trying to ramp it back up can be a little challenging.  Gradual steps I guess.  I was able to run four times with my longest run around 4.66 miles this evening.

This weekend was a yoga training weekend, so that means I was tired.  Came home this evening, got some stuff done and wanted to make sure I got in a run.  Today’s run started out good but I can’t lie I wanted to walk a bit around mile 2 and the hills were kicking my butt.  I can only speak for myself but running is very mental.  You know those crazy talks you have with yourself…”well if I just get to the top of this hill I’ll only walk for about 100 yards”….uh huh.  Or maybe you start noticing every malady that arises.  Leg pain, why did I wear these earrings that keep hitting my ear buds (really annoying) and of course the stomach pain (where’s the bathroom?).  Anyway, I’m happy to say I pulled through it and finished, without the walking.

Miles completed = 15.74 running.  Accepting happily 9,909.03 remaining.  Happy Miles to you.

4 thoughts on “Mileage Recap ~ 7 – 20 July

  1. I know exactly that feeling you are describing. Good for you to stick it out, though don’t be hard on yourself if you have to walk. I try to look at walking not as a sign of weakness, but a sign of listening to my body and walking when I have to. Though easier said than done…


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