Pasta Salad ~ with feta, garlic, and black olives

Trying my hand again at another vegetarian dish.  One of the loveliest things about cooking (I think) is using elements of the dish from your own garden.  Even if you have limited space, with a little time and effort you can grow items you love.  For me it’s tomatoes, herbs, berries and hot peppers.  Every year I try to grow something different, sometimes with great success other times not so much.  I like the fact I can control how I take care of the plant, i.e. pesticides and such.  Plus, some of the items you grow can be canned and will save a lot of money than buying them comparatively at the grocery store.  With this dish I was able to use my own tomatoes, basil and mint.  Lot’s of fun.  The recipe comes from Simply Delicious Vegetarian, by Carla Bardi.

What’s exciting about recipes is you have to improvise at times, use what you have.  Things I did different:  I added my yellow tomatoes and used crumbled feta.  Nothing earth-shattering here.  I love feta cheese.  I think I could put a little olive oil on feta and that would be enough.  This was a great “next day dish” as well, i.e. leftovers.  Kept fresh and I didn’t feel that afternoon crash after eating.  Filling but not overly so.

Pasta Salad

The full recipe is below.  Happy Miles to you!

Directions Pasta Salad

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