Mileage Recap ~ 21 – 27 July It Only Hurts When I Stop

Another week down and July is quickly coming to a close.  My week started off tired and I felt sluggish.  I began with three miles at the base track which seemed more of a chore than fun.  I love getting a quick run in at lunch ~ it’s a nice break-up of the day.  When I come back to the office I’m ready for the rest of the day.  I had to run/walk these miles, I admit.  I was just tired.  While running I began to feel a slight pull in my left calf increasing.  I’ve been feeling this for a while, nothing serious until….Thursday.

I started my Thursday run normally, meaning no pains or aches and went the normal neighborhood route.  Two miles in and a couple of hills later my calf said “oh no you don’t”.  I had just passed a couple walking on the road when the pain began and I stopped shortly thereafter to regroup.  You want to know what was going through my mind?  Sure you do, I thought…..the couple probably thought I had to stop because the hill was too much for me.  I guess in retrospect it was because my calf was hurting and I…uh stopped.  I know…yes I know…sigh.  I walked a few hundred yards then picked it back up.  It only hurt when stopped and I was able to finish my run.  I paid for it when I got home:)

Sunday was a better day.  Took the bike out and increased my mileage to 20.38.  I felt good and pace average was 4:46.  It was a beautiful day on the bike trail and everyone was out taking advantage of the morning.  Total mileage = 28.23 for the week.  I appreciate every step on the pavement and every rotation of the pedal, the pain is only temporary and hurts, at times, when I stop.  Happy Miles to You.


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