Mileage Recap ~ July 28 – August 2

Another wonderful week completed.  Mileage is holding steady but not as much as I would like to have under my belt.  My goal is to complete 1500 miles this year.  Too much going on I guess, but I’m still going to try to reach that mile mark goal for the year, a daunting task with all the little pains that seem to keep cropping up.  One thing for sure is I push through the pain.  Right or wrong I continue.  It’s just my nature and for the most part I guess there really is no use in explaining.  I know when the body isn’t a 100% it’s good to slow down, but I swear if I couldn’t bike or run I’d probably crawl.  I accept that’s how I am…don’t judge!:)

Weather was good for running this week.  I put some time in at the track and completed a run around the hood for a total of 6.48 running miles.  Slow but was able to complete without too much strain.

Saturday was a great day and I decided to get in some cycling.  I walked out of the house in a frustrated mood, so needless to say I was off my game.  I have pedals with the straps, no I haven’t graduated to snap in pedals yet.  As I made my way to the bike trail I have to stop at one of the busier streets.  Like I said off my game, I stopped too short ~ ok I need to pay attention.  There’s a car behind me and I can just sense he’s (yes it was a he and I didn’t even have to look) irritated with me waiting for me to cross the street.  I finally can cross and for some reason I can get my feet in the stirrups for the pedals.  My foot slips and I almost fall off the bike.  Sooooo, how many cool points is that?  I finally get across the street, the driver’s pissed ~ I’m pissed, I was just ready to get off the road.  When I finally got to the trail there was a lot of people biking and my mood slowly began to change for the better.  I love riding on the trail because I can listen to my iPod.   Music and speed are a great combination.  I usually have some blood pumping songs but for some reason I included the Flower Duet.  Such a lovely song.  Greatful to have completed 24.29 miles this week ~ Happy Miles to You.

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