Mileage Recap ~ 10 – 23 August

I love redemption from injuries.  After I pulled my calf muscle a couple of weeks ago I laid low with the running.  I gave my legs a much-needed week off.  This week I concentrated on my cycling and had some great mileage success.  The legs felt fine and I have passed the 500 mile mark for the year.  I have a long way to go before I meet the 1500 mile goal for the year, but let’s hear it for little victories.

All three days of riding were lovely.  Today was a little hot but wonderful none-the-less.  I chose to keep it on the bike trail this week.  It has a good amount of small hills and flat terrain.  It was enough.

Mon ~ 17.76

Wed ~ 18.02

Sat ~ 18.11

Total for the week 53.89 miles

Not giving up with out a fight, eh?  9,797.62 miles are happily awaiting.  Happy miles to you!


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