Mileage Recap ~ 1 – 7 September

The beginning of this week was hot.  Here it is September and finally the August temperatures have hit. Luckily it didn’t last for long and this morning was about 58 degrees, perfect for a nice ride.  It’s always fun to get back into work when you’ve been gone a week….riiiggght.  Started the week off a little slower with a walk and then some circuit training. Completed three hours of yoga on Saturday (part of my certification requirement).  Since I’ve been out of the net, my yoga teacher put the hurting on me with power vinyasa.  My shoulders are in major pain today.

This morning was the perfect morning for the long ride, 59 degrees.  I love when you first get out this time of year and the air is a little crisp.  It’s good for people like me who seem to overheat quickly.

I’ve been hovering around 18 – 20 miles for cycling so I wanted to try to get a few more miles in today.  The ride started with a quick loop around the neighborhood than off to the bike path that’s close to my house.  The bike path has served a comfortable option for me as there is no traffic and it’s a fairly decent ride ~ not all flat.  I realize as I increase mileage I will have to get off the beaten path so-to-speak.

As expected there were a lot of people out this morning ~ riders, walkers and runners.  When I finally hit the trail I was already 5 miles into the ride and I passed this one woman who caught my eye because she was moving so slow.  In the Army we used to call it the airborne shuffle.  Just shuffling along.  Even though she was going slow she had this determination about her.  I could feel it as I passed.

I continued on my ride at what I think was a fairly good pace.  At my turning point I took a Gu gel, I just felt like my body needed it.  I’ve been playing with fire a bit as I don’t have a repair kit on my bike yet:(  That’s my own fault and I hope I don’t learn the hard way.  I will say this morning I rode over something that made a loud pop.  So loud, I actually stopped to look at my back tire.  Thank goodness, nothing but not only do I need to get a kit but I need to learn how to repair the tire.  I know:-/

Started back and I passed the same woman still shuffling.  Awesome!  I love that kind of determination.  I made sure I gave her a big smile and pass some positivity her way.  It’s important to remember to appreciate the journey on the way to the finish line ~ no matter the speed.  My long ride ended up 22.47 miles and looked like this:


Inserting the screenshot because for some reason I can’t get the Garmin link to work.

Completed 26.95 miles for the week with 9,743.90 gracefully remaining.  Happy miles to you.

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