My mileage has been a little light for October, but for a good cause.  Eight months ago I began a 200 hour yoga certification course and I’m happy to say it’s complete.  I began yoga almost two years ago to help with my running hoping to see a reduction in injury and pain.  I liked it so much I decided I would like to share this knowledge with others.  Although it has really crept into my mileage count this year it was worth every minute.  A special thank you goes out to my teacher Chris Yonker, the owner of Yoga Source in St. Louis.  She is quite the teacher and an excellent role model.  Second, to all the students I formed relationships with during this eight months, I will never forget those sweet smiles every month and our fun lunches.  And finally to my lovely co-workers who let me “practice” on them all summer long, you truly are the best.  So here is the proof ~ Namaste!


2 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Congratulations.
    I have a friend you just completed a similar course of study. She too has been practicing with her co-workers all summer. What does she do first thing following accreditation? She went to India for 3-4 weeks to study some more.


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