Mileage Recap ~ 1 Oct ~ 18 Oct

Mileage continues to be somewhat light this month.  One good thing I ran my first race of the season, I will blog about that at a later date.  I was hoping to get in my longest ride this Saturday, but the cycle Gods had other plans.  I will admit, I haven’t read up on my new bike.  Yes, yes I know.  I knew for a while that I was playing with fire.  About a week ago I realized the back tire was getting a little low.  When I felt it….it seemed ok.  So, out I went on Saturday.  I got a mile from my house and the back tire went flat.  Needless to say, I learned a lesson in compression pellets….the hard way.

The way I look at it, if your going to ride it, you need to know how to fix it yourself.  I dug into the bike kit and pulled out one of the two compression capsules.  Hmmm, instructions who needs them ~ this isn’t rocket science.  It’s just a tire for heaven’s sake.  Well, I unscrew the tire valve and I place the capsule down on the value.  All of a sudden the air shot out of there like a rocket and bam that was it!  The capsule was empty.  Okay, that was interesting.


Then I started to tempt fate…I have one more capsule remaining.  Shall I act as stupid as I did before or shall I read the instructions this time.  Instructions win!  But it wasn’t just learning how to use the capsule.  Apparently there is a little mechanism on the valve that’s screwed down before you put the cap on the valve so air doesn’t escape.  Ooohhhh…I see!  Anyway, I ended up wasting too much time and had to cut my ride short.  So far for October I have 30.64 with 9,648.80 miles happily remaining.  May all your flats be low in number….Happy miles to you!!


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