Mileage Recap ~ 1 – 17 January

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone’s month is off to a good start.  Mine is okay….  I started off well.  Starting back with my kettle bell/yoga routine and slowly getting back into running.  The weather here as been up and down.  But mostly down lately or it looks a little like this:


This was a cold weather day.  No snow but in the 20s.  Also was a short run day trying to get the muscles acclimated to the colder temps.

It great to run and bike but sometimes it’s nice to mix things up a bit ~ and always nice to mix them up with friends.  My friend Ann invited me to walk with her in a local park a couple of Sundays and it proved to be both challenging and fun.  What would a walk in the park be without a few pictures.  It was a great walk with two and four-legged friends.

20150111_083226 20150111_090736 20150111_091338 20150111_091501 20150111_091516 20150111_091522 20150111_091534 20150111_091536 20150111_091541 20150111_091705 20150111_091709 20150111_094318

Mileage this time around was a combination of walking, running and indoor biking.  Unfortunately, some days in the Midwest you just have to take it indoors.

I’m also excited I signed up for my first race this year, the Nippy Niner.  I ran this race a couple of years ago.  It’s a 9 mile trail/road race that takes place in a Missouri conservation area.  The last time I ran it there was snow on the ground, it was windy and let’s just say rather unpleasant.  I didn’t really see myself running it again until…a challenge was thrown out.  You know, the kind of challenge where you’re walking by someone’s office only to hear your name yelled out after you pass.  “Hey Laurel, we got a group going to run the Niner this year ~ you in?”  Hmmm, a challenge was thrown  down.  “I know it’s been a while…..”  Yeah I took that bait ~ hook, line and sinker.  Not only did I sign up within the hour I sent the obligatory email stating ~ done and done.  Sigh.  So, time to get back into my training.

Now comes the unfortunate part of this post.  I was doing pretty well running.  I went out this past Saturday to run and 10 minutes in the calf muscle injury I had months ago came back.  Yes, I had to hobble home.  Very, very frustrating to say the least.  I’ve been nursing it for two days and the race is in about 2 weeks.  I guess it leaves me wondering what I could have done to cause this again.  I think I just pushed too hard with some of the kettle bell exercises.  Not going to let it get to me I just need to learn to pace myself a little better than I do.  So what do you do when you get an injury?  You go buy new running shoes of course.  I chose to go back to Brooks this time.  I tried on different types of Brooks shoes and I came away with the Ravenna 6.  I like that it has high arch support ~ something I need.


I have every intention of showing up for the race.  There might be a bit of airborne shuffling going on ~ but I will be there.  Maybe a little down ~ but definitely not out.

I gratefully completed 19.49 miles with 9,515.26 thankfully remaining in my journey.  Happy miles to you!


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