Mileage Recap ~ 23 Feb – 15 Mar…Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I’m looking at the dates and I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve done a mileage update…strange.  Let me check again…hmmm ~ wow I haven’t.  All of this moving and planning has put some things (like blogging) on the back burner.

I’ve been here in Arizona for just about 2 weeks now.  Although moving is tiresome, I was excited to get out and find some new paths to run and bike.  I’m living in a Phoenix suburb and things are very different from the rural Illinois backdrop I left, i.e. busy.  There are paths between the neighborhoods which are good but there is something everywhere.  Meaning, cars, people, etc.  Back in Illinois it was farm land right outside the housing division so quite different from what I’m used too just outside my front door.  Like anything I must get used to a new environment.

I’ve slowly ventured out wondering where this or that path will lead.  I decided, like Dorothy, to follow the yellow brick road.  Theoretically there is no real yellow brick road, just the interesting prospect of where each path leads.  No, I didn’t map anything either but I figured how bad could it be there are houses everywhere (get back to what I mean here in a minute).

I’ve also joined a gym.  It is a far cry from the Army/Air Force gym I attended at Scott AFB.  It’s hard to even make a comparison.  In a military gym there is no fluff at LA Fitness it’s quite a different atmosphere.  It takes a little getting used to….:)  I did some of my miles on the bike and treadmill.  The weather has been nice but I just wasn’t ready to venture out.

Last week I started to reconnoiter the area of operation (AO).  I followed a path as it went up into the hills and onward into a lovely neighborhood.  The streets are alive with runners/walkers and bikers.  It seems that over half the population was out!  I decided to put in 4 walking miles a couple of days ago.  I did about 3 when I realized I was pretty thirsty.  I didn’t bring any water because…uh it’s only 4 miles.  Well Toto, you’re not in Kansas anymore.  Matter of fact you’re in the desert and as my real estate agent told me “Oh yes people die all the time”.  Hmmm.  It is true that accidents happen to the hikers that go up the mountains, get hurt and can’t come down and on top of it they aren’t prepared~so…..  Again hmmmm.

Needless to say it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the hydration situation here is more critical than back in the humid Midwest.  Plus, I get hot quick when I run, so this just adds to the agony.  Acclimation of  the new environment is in order.  I’m glad I’m taking it slow.  I figured that if I passed out from dehydration ~ hey there’s plenty of people around to help me right?  Right?

I was excited to see there is a robust running and biking schedule.  I’m excited to put my best foot or pedal forward in this new adventurous terrain.

I had a combination of walking, running and biking this time around which came to a glorious 64.88 miles thankfully leaving 9,360.34 remaining in my quest.  May you find your truth in every step forward you take.  Happy Miles to You!

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