Mileage Recap ~ 23 – 31 March 2000 Miles Completed!

Such a happy post today!  I have surpassed the 2000 mile mark of my journey!

2000 Miles Completed!

2000 Miles Completed!

I have walked, cycled, ran and crawled to get those miles.  There were good days and bad days physically.  I was outside when the weather permitted and continue on inside when the weather or the body said no.  It’s a good feeling to see these amount of miles behind me.

March ended on a good note.  I’m getting used to my new environment here in Phoenix, AZ and happy that I can go out more often.  I completed 105.76 miles for the month a good 19.22 more than February.  Such a great goal to reach but so many more to go.  Dare I say I’m excited?  Well, I am.  As I write this I would love to go out and do some more, but I know better to pace myself.  It’s about finishing strong.

There have been many times where I just don’t want to stop moving while I’m out.  I see something that’s beautiful and I wish I had stopped just to enjoy it or take a photo.  I love taking photographs.  When I cycle I have the phone with me so sometimes I stop.  As I was making my route there is this beautiful range of mountains.  It never gets old and they have their own beauty.  I love the color of the sky how it transitions from lighter to darker.  It’s good to get the miles but enjoying the journey is just as important.

MountainBike Ride

2000 miles under my belt may seem just a drop in the bucket especially with so much more ahead of me.  I am grateful for the follows and the kind comments on the blog.  This is turning out to be a fantastic journey.  I hope this finds you with much love and peace ~ 9,288.21 miles gratefully remaining.

3 thoughts on “Mileage Recap ~ 23 – 31 March 2000 Miles Completed!

  1. Nice post and, congratulations.

    I like taking photographs as well and have begun to think of myself as a iPhonographer. Aren’t we all these days. I have my phone will my on all my rides and always seem to find something that interests me.

    Keep posting about cycling in Phoenix. I plan to spend time there next winter with my bike.


      • I’ll keep that in mind.

        I just noticed you are wearing a Louis Garneau jersey. I’m a banner for LG – bibs, jerseys, shoes, booties, helmet cover, jackets and bike. Over the years, I have found they fit me the best and wear really well.


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