Mileage Recap ~ 1 – 5 April…Help Support RADD or BADD!

April already…where is the time going?  Too fast it seems.  The weather this past week has been great.  Not too hot and nice cool breezes in the evening.  I went on two rides and one walk this week.  My first ride was on Wed ~ April Fools Day!  Just a short ride of 10.69 miles.  Not a bad ride until I came out of this neighborhood and was making a turn at a 4 way.  There was a jeep that looked like it just came off of safari.  As I was making the turn he obviously was upset I was taking too long and decided to hit the gas as a scare tactic.  You have to wonder about people.  That extra two seconds to let me cross the street.  I hate to tell you buddy it takes a lot more than that to scare this gal ~ “Namaste”.  Especially if I’m going uphill.  It doesn’t matter if you are cycling or running.  Some people like to irritate or are just plain mean to people on the street.  The guy I used to buy my running shoes from in Illinois said his theory on why some people get too close is interest, like a moth to a flame.  They’re driving and they become “mesmerized” so to speak and get close.  Ok, I sort of buy that.  But can we all agree that there are some real jokers out there, who for whatever reason have something against folks getting out and doing something?

Therefore I’ve decided to start a group.  Sort of like DADD ~ Dads Against Daughters Dating.  My group is:


Runners Against Douchebag Drivers or Bicyclists Against Douchebag Drivers.  Whatever you happen to be doing at the moment.  I mean really can I get an Amen here?

My walk ~ was ok until I had to go to the bathroom.  I went back out though and completed 6.82.

My long ride was on Easter Sunday.  I started off on the normal route then I decided to try something “new”.  New meaning I decided to follow this one street around this time.  The first part was fairly flat and as I rounded the corner to turn the bike path ended.  Normally that doesn’t bother me but here there really isn’t a place to ride if you don’t have the bike lane.  So I make the turn and it’s a climb 4 lane road with median.  I’m about halfway through the climb and I’m feeling the burn.  Probably the steepest I’ve done on the bike.  I get to close to the curb and my right pedal hits the curb and I bounce to the left.  I was lucky I got my foot out of the stirrup to break the fall and a car wasn’t coming.  It would have been a nasty day.  Oh the lessons we learn.  I was given a pass…someone knows I have a long way to go.  35.44 miles for the week with 9,263.46 safely remaining?  Happy Miles to You!

2 thoughts on “Mileage Recap ~ 1 – 5 April…Help Support RADD or BADD!

  1. I’m in! BADD is a good idea. And, it isn’t just drivers. Pedestrians too can be inconsiderate, walking across a bike path without looking or, walking in a bike path when there is a separate path for them. Ugh!

    Nice post. Keep piling on those miles.


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