Mileage Recap ~ 6 – 19 Apr and the Most Annoying Ride Ever…Or At Least So Far

Happy Sunday!  Doubling up on this weeks mileage update.  I was able to get in a couple of runs,walks and plenty of cycling.

First the runs.  As in street running not “the runs” that would be gross.  Runs still continue to be a little allusive and a struggle.  I continue to have a trouble getting used to the weather.  I’ve come to the conclusion that early morning runs are where it’s at right now.  I tried both, one in the morning and one in the evening.  The morning run wasn’t bad at all.  It’s still dry but cool.  My body didn’t demand that much water.  The evening run was uh shall we say…interesting.  I broke out the old water belt.  I planned to run only five so surely I only needed one pod.  Surely.  Well, here’s another lesson for the desert.  If your belt fits two pods then by all means, carry two…because you’ll need them.  Don’t listen to that little devil on the left shoulder.  You need them and if it turns out you don’t then water a plant.  Maybe throw on a little lip balm too!  I felt like one of those characters stranded in the desert trying to crawl back to civilization.  Lips all chapped and cracked, smiling too much because I don’t want my lips touching because they’re so dry.  Which by the way caused me to want more water…need I go on?  Whenever I’m doing this type of stuff I get paranoid when people drive by.  What are they thinking?  “Look at that dumba** Mabel”!  What do I care if I pass out they can get my address from my Road ID.  Just do me a favor and count the mileage please!

Cycling was good these past weeks.  I made the move and took my bike to a local bike shop in the neighborhood.  The back tire has been losing air way too often.  The mechanics on site were really great.  They replaced the inner tube of the rear wheel and checked the air pressure.  So don’t laugh because I’m fairly new to cycling, but I think my tires have never had the correct pressure.  It’s amazing how better you ride when the tires are at the correct pressure.  Damn.  Then I asked ~ well I should know how to do this myself.  I was promptly handed a brochure on available classes that teach how to change your inner tube and other bike maintenance.  Definitely going to take part in that training.  Anyway, I began to pick his mind about clubs and races.  I’m looking for a nice introductory race.  He said something quite interesting ~ he told me that I should participate in group rides before ever doing a race.  New cyclists need to learn how to act in a group, i.e. cycling with people close to you.  He said it was a good place to start because new cyclist can cause, well injury to others because they don’t know how to react.  I never really thought of that, but I consider it sound advice.  I will start off with their beginner/intermediate rides and go from there.

That brings me to my most annoying, which happened to be a ride.  Some days it just doesn’t pay to get up.  I decided to get in a quick 10 one morning and nothing seemed to go right.  Got myself out the door into the garage, forgot the sunglass.  Sunglasses check.  Get the bike out, close the garage and realize left water bottle and phone.  Open garage.  Get said items close garage begin down the street.  Something just isn’t right….helmet.  You gotta be kidding.  To make matters worse I thought heck I’m going to have my helmet on so I didn’t do anything to the doo.  It literally looked like this:

Monkey with hair standing up

I mean really.  I go back, open garage get helmet.  I was beginning to wonder if this might be a sign to stay home.  Saddled up and moved out!

I was able to extend the distance on both of my long rides; one at 21 and today’s at 22.  Running is about 5 miles a stretch right now.  I was able to finish 62.15 for this time period already 10 miles ahead of last month.  I hope this post finds you with plenty of peace and love ~ 9, 182.8 gratefully remaining.


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