Mileage Recap ~ 20 -26 Apr

I’m enjoying the last few days of cooler weather here before it starts to get hot…or so I’ve been told.  We’ve even had a few good showers and there are clouds in the sky today.  Nice weather to get some good mileage.  This week has been the best so far for mileage.  I was able to get in a total of 46.85 for the week.  I ran one day and cycled the rest.  My run was a short 3 miler but I was able to get my pace down to 9:30.  I did experience some of the same hip pain the next day.  That put me back on the bike the remaining days.  Which is fine by me.  I extended the long ride to 23 miles this week.  Inching up the distances slowly.  I have a route that I use and three laps covered what I wanted to complete.  Not bad, but I need to find another route.  It gets a little boring passing something two or three times.  I did see a dead rattlesnake in the road, but that’s as far as the excitement went this week.  I will venture out and try to find something a different route soon.

This week's long ride.

This week’s long ride.

If you are on Garmin Connect you can find me at soar11315miles.  As it stands I’m at 162.89 miles for the month.  I think I will make a short goal and see if I can achieve 200 miles this month.  I hope this post finds you well and achieving your goals ~ 9,136.01 gratefully remaining.  Happy Miles To You!!

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