Mileage Recap ~ 27 Apr – 25 May

I always tell myself I’m going to be a better blogger in the sense of keeping up with my blog.  But these last few weeks have been a bit of a blur.  I started a new adventure, my daughter came home from college for the summer and I saw the Grand Canyon…Oh my!

The new adventure ~ I quit my old job to become and follow a different path.  Yes that’s right, I started aesthetician school.  I plan to somehow integrate that into yoga and eventually my own business.  Needless to say the pace has been very fast and lot’s of homework which didn’t leave a lot of time for running and cycling.  I will tell you though I love it.  I love serving others and this is a fun and rewarding way to accomplish that.  Scary?  Most definitely.  I left a good paying job and at times I cringe…but I feel this was a good path for me.

Daughter came home after the Sophomore year at college, absolutely love to have her here.  We’ve been busy and I’m excited for all the adventures she’s having.  She’s on her way to Canada tomorrow to work and explore!

Grand Canyon ~ on a quick whim we decided to go.  It’s only 4-1/2 hours away so why not?  I have to say I don’t think I’ve seen anything more amazing.  I’ve been to a lot of places in this beautiful world and the Grand Canyon is in the top 3.  We all see it in pictures, but when you really see it…I couldn’t stop saying wow.  It was utterly amazing and I hope to revisit soon and go down into the canyon and explore.  I enjoyed seeing all of the people there too!  It was wonderful to see all the different people from many countries enjoying one of the United States wonderful treasures.  A few pictures to share:

2015-05-17 17.20.19 20150517_123420 20150517_123429 20150517_123435 20150517_123739 20150517_124223 20150517_124858 20150517_125034

Mileage for this time-period is 55.87, a combination of running and cycling, with 9,080.14 happily remaining.  As a veteran on this Memorial Day, I say thank you to all the soldiers that paid the ultimate price.  Life is certainly a gift and they paid the ultimate price.  Happy miles to you.


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