Mileage Recap ~ 26 – 31 May and The Great Cycle Challenge

Happy Sunday!

It’s getting hot in the valley….over 100 degrees these past few days.  I like the heat, but dang!  Did I mention it’s a dry heat…yes probably 100 times.  Mileage was very low this month.  Down 113 miles…yep.  I was way too busy.  That’s okay, just the way it is sometimes.  I literally ran 5.2 miles this week. May’s total equaled 55.08 miles.  This brings me to a total of 459.81 for the year and 9,074.94 gratefully remaining.

Enough of that, now for some exciting news.  I’m taking part in The Great Cycle Challenge for the month of June.  I have dedicated myself to riding 300 miles to raise money for children’s cancer.  If I can I will break that goal, but considering it is getting hot here I have to get up and get going by 0530 every morning.  It gets light here early so that shouldn’t be a problem.  You can chart my progress here:  I haven’t done an event since I moved so I’m very excited.  Health is such a blessing, never take it for granted.  Happy Miles to You!


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