Mileage Recap ~ 1 – 11 August…Making The Transition to Shimano SPD Pedals

I’m updating this blog during the middle of the week.  Not sure why I feel like It’ a Sunday thing to do…strange, maybe that A personality coming out a bit.  I have been running more this month, but not a crazy amount as I slowly start to pull more towards my cycling habit.  But the good thing is I’m surpassing July’s mileage and 2014s mileage which is important.

Exciting news I have one more month left of aesthetician school at Aveda.  So excited for this life change.  I’m ready to get out and start this new work life.  The transition from an Army Project Officer to something lets say more aesthetic, has been challenging and exciting all together.  I truly believe you can do anything in this life.  Find that fire and make it happen.

Another exciting albeit scary piece of information is I have given up basket pedals for clip pedals on my bike.  I have an entry-level road bike ~ a Trek.  It has served me well and I plan on keeping it for a bit longer.  When I first bought the bike it came with the basket pedals and I was asked if I wanted to transfer to clip pedals then.  I purposely said no, because I just didn’t trust myself at the time.  Seriously.  I think I’m glad I made that choice.  I hadn’t ridden a bike in a while and I wanted to slowly ease into what I was doing.  Overall a good choice, but I will say now that I’m going on longer rides the basket pedals aren’t the best thing for the feet.  I have been experiencing some soreness in the top part of the feet which may have been due to the baskets.  The shoes and clips will disperse the weight more evenly.  Therefore, providing me more support.  It was funny going into the store asking for the new pedals.  The reaction was classic “you’re using baskets?”.  Uh yes, “wow those are dangerous”.  Here I was thinking the complete opposite.  But I guess it’s what ever you’re used to.


Old basket pedals


New Shimano SPDs

I opted for a longer pedal which is good for beginners.


And my lovely shoes ~ lol!


I will also say, learn to do this stuff yourself, i.e. changing pedals out, fixing blowouts etc.  You just have to bite the bullet and do it yourself.  You’ll be glad you did, especially if you are alone.

I went out for a short ride this morning, just using the back paths without traffic.  It wasn’t bad but it did take me a few tries to “click in”.  The clicking out part wasn’t bad either but it does take some getting used to.  The muscles you are using are a little more targeted than with the baskets too I noticed.  That will also take some getting used too….awesomeness.

Ready to start putting some miles on these babies…without eating asphalt!  8,726.40 miles gratefully remaining.  Happy miles to you!

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