Mileage Recap ~ Sept 25 – 9 Oct and Preparing for My First Group Ride Evah

September ended up being a good month for miles.  It’s funny because it didn’t seem like I completed that many, but when I double checked my Garmin I logged 106 total cycling and running miles.  Up from just 62 in August.  My mental goal is to complete 1500 miles before the new year.  At the moment I’m presently around 990 so it will take some effort to get the job done.  Even as I’m typing those words I’m already beginning the alter ego competition of yes I will complete that or at least give it the good ‘ol college try.

I’m slowly getting back into running.  Very slowly.  I’ve come to the realization that if I’m going to bike 19 miles or more that doesn’t equate to getting up the next day to run 5 or more miles.  A little hard on the body…well maybe this body and let’s face it I have 8,000 more miles to go and I will finish strong.  You like that positivity don’t…come on you’s awesome.  Withstanding I don’t get hit by a snow bird come this winter.

Last Sunday’s long ride came out to 19.05.  The route is a common route with rolling hills and flat areas.  The weather has cooled down substantially in the mornings which has made riding and running much more enjoyable.  I did notice for some reason the Garmin didn’t pick up the elevation gain this time around.  Weird that it picked up everything else but not elevation gain.  It might be because I have been carrying my Garmin around in my back pouch because the band finally broke.  I would like a new one but this one is still working, soooo I guess I will break down and buy a new band.  Fairly easy to do..thanks Amazon!

This ride was a good one because not only was it fairly cool it was raining.  I imagine raining and bikes don’t really go over well, especially if brakes are involved.  Brakes?  Who needs ’em.  Stop, Drop and Roll.  No no I’m kidding, but there is something satisfying about being in the rain.  I love it.  In the Army we say, “if it ain’t raining, you ain’t training“.  Ah yes where would we be without making something hard harder.  It reminds me of on of the live versions of “Proud Mary” by Ike and Tina Turner I listen to on my iPod when I run.  It starts off by saying “They want us to start off by doing something nice and easy, but we never ever do anything nice and easy…we do it nice and rough” and we’re rollin’…..

Sunday Ride

When I ride I find I do my best thinking.  Not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet.  I like to look at the scenery as I roll by.  So many things go through my head.  Acclimation comes in many forms.  Trading four gray cubicle walls and a familiar life of over 20 years for an expanse of desert lately has been humbling for my soul.  I have stepped out of that life into a life where things just keep rolling.  By that I mean there is a wildness we don’t appreciate, know or acknowledge outside the safety of our physical and minds walls at times.  When faced with that sort of difference and change you notice things that maybe you didn’t before.  The rain in the desert; animals scurrying around, the items people discard on the side of the road, and will internet service ever get better in the valley.  The basics you know.  It’s strange being out of your comfort zone.

I have pulled the trigger on my first group ride this Sunday.  It will be 15 miles and fairly flat.  That’s what the announcement says.  Uh-huh we’ll see.  It’s time I get out and play with others ~ to which I apologize up front:\

September finished with 106 and rolling into October with 35.  There are 8,544 thoughts remaining.  Happy Miles to You!

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